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Ranking on Google and attracting organic online traffic requires a lot of detailed work, and at Scandi Content we are specialists. We have a passion for the process of delivering high quality solutions to increase organic traffic. Why? We are delighted to watch your website increase your company’s online presence.

Our latest additions: Japanese and Swahile

Scandicontent provides vital SEO services for existing websites. A large part of our successful methods is Content Management and On-Page SEO. That means “SEO optimised content and editorial material, press-releases, news articles, translations, and proofreading” – All under one umbrella for Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and English markets.

One invoice – all your Nordic language needs covered!

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Contact: scandicontent@gmail.com

We realized there is a big gap between the SEO industry, the content marketers, and the companies (regardless of industry). Scandicontent is bridging that gap and extend the reach of your online business.

We cover SEO from end to end. No matter what you and your business needs to increase your online presence, we provide the help you need.

Search Engine Optimization involves a handful of components. These components can all be, in turn, broken down into even smaller categories. SEO is becoming much more sophisticated every year, and Google is frequently changing their specs. We keep up to date so You can benefit from the latest knowledge and up-to-date practices.

Our philosophy: SEO and content is intertwined, the future of the online ventures is SEO Content Marketing, and there is a lot of ground to cover.

Launching a Brand with a strong Content Team

Launching a new brand requires a lot of work and know-how. You need to know your audience, have good timing with a gripping message, and you need to reach your audience.

Some of our clients have launched brands in the iGaming industry, other on the financial and cryptocurrency markets. We have conducted training of, and provided support to, several start-up companies. We prepare your SEO and Content teams for not just a smooth launch, but for the job that lies ahead.

A great customer support agent does not automatically make a good content writer. But with focused training and support from our seasoned content managers, many have developed into top-notch content writers in their right.

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